Diablo Aftercare

£36.00 - £420.00

50ml Restock - WHOLESALE / ARTIST

Image of 50ml Restock - WHOLESALE / ARTIST

RRP £8 each

Whether you've been tattooing for 25 years, have a studio with 10 artists or you're an apprentice just getting set up, anyone can stock our Balm, because everyone deserves the best chance of their work healing properly (and making some extra $ in the process)!

Diablo Balm has been painstakingly designed to be the best all natural skin repair balm it could be. All natural vegan goodness, harnessing the healing power of evolution itself. Designed to mimic the natural sebum(oil) produced by human skin to avoid blocked pores, it aids the skin’s natural regeneration. It’s anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and to help you with the healing process, it even reduces pain a little.

100% Natural Ingredients;
Sweet Almond Oil
Jojoba Wax
Candelilla Wax
Chamomile Extract
Lavender Extract
Clove Bud Oil
Pure Vitamin E

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